Driver Portal


THE STEERING® presents transportation orders to potential car carriers, drivers or dispatchers via the app or web portal. It contains all the necessary information to make a decision; with transparent pricing, location information and load size. No intermediaries are required.

THE STEERING® patented Vehicle Load Calculator can configure your trailer load, allowing you to add cars on route and make sure of efficient loading based on pick-up and drop-off points. 

Once the order is accepted, all the detailed pick-up, delivery, key contacts, safety inspections, payments and reports information is there ready immediately, at your fingertips along with a secure client-driver communication platform.

THE STEERING® Route Configuration Engine will automatically map out new routes based on additional car pick-ups and drop-offs, ensuring loads are maximized and routes are optimized.

Once the order is delivered, the client can sign for it right on the app. The payment is routed automatically, and you can get on with your next job which may already be waiting for you on THE STEERING ® app.